A Handy Guide to Refer to When Buying a Washing Machine

Purchasing a washing machine can be overwhelming when you can see the number of models you have to select from. But it becomes easy when you know what you want. Here is the guide you can refer to when buying laveuse LG.


This depends on a range of factors. You need to consider how many people the machine will serve. If you live alone or as a couple, you need a 5 kg washing machine. But if you live with parents or kids, then you need a machine more than 7 kgs. If you love in a joint family, then go for a 9.5 kg range.

Another factor to consider here is how often you do laundry. If you do it on a daily basis and you live alone or as a couple, then a 5kg washing machine is perfect. If you have a bigger family but daily wash volumes then a 6.8 to 7 kg washing machine is perfect.

Automatic or semi automatic

For the former, you need to connect the machine to a water source, put some detergent in and the machine will run automatically on a preset cycle. In this, the water is taken and discarded as per the cycle needs. When it comes to a semi automatic, then you need to add water separately and manually remove the clothes from the washer for putting them in a dryer. The main difference between the two is the water requirement. If you face water scarcity in your area, then fully automatic washing machine wouldn’t be a good choice for you. In this situation, you can go for a semi automatic washing machine where you can add water as per the washing cycle needs.

But you may also need to consider the High Efficiency or HE washers. These are available at a premium price and need specific HE washing detergents. But they use less water than a typical washing machine. If there are more suds, the machine adds more rinse cycles that lead to roughly the same amount of water. So if you don’t have a constant water supply, then go for a semi automatic. When you connect it to a tap, put the detergent and the laundry and the cycles take care of their own on the basis of the presets. The professionals claim that the regular fully automatic washing machines can be better at cleaning clothes when you compare them with HE washers.