How to Buy Right Dishwasher for Your Kitchen?

Dishwashers were once considered to be luxury appliances, but now they have become a must-have appliance in every household to save time on washing vessels. If you are planning to buy a dishwasher then you need to know about different features, capacity and efficiency so that you can decide on which will be the suitable one for your need.

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First you need to decide on the size of dishwasher you will need for your family. Either you need a standard size of 24 inch, which is suitable for a family, or a compact size of 18 inch for a couple and if you have a limited kitchen space. Both these sizes can be set under the counter tops.


Capacity of a dishwasher depends on how many place settings it can hold. According to your family size or the number of vessels you wash on a daily basis, you will be choosing the right capacity.

Wash And Dry Cycles

Most dishwashers come with a wide range of wash and dry cycles. You can choose from simple wash and usually your dishes come out clean. Premium models have lot many attractive features like, tough-wash cycles if there are tough stains on your vessels, delicate cycles for washing fragile items carefully and dry them out without any watermarks.

However, you will have to pre-wash if there are any tough stains or greasy dishes. Take into considerations what any feature can really do before deciding to buy.

Rack Options

Another important feature is number of racks available and positioning them. You will need baskets depending on the size of pots and pans you use. You need to choose the one that allows you load your vessels conveniently. Maybe, adjustable racks suits for you. Check the size of baskets and choose between two tiers or three tiers.

Stainless Steel

Dishwasher with plastic tub tends to smell awfully overtime no matter what you do. To avoid this situation, you can choose stainless steel tub. Though you will have to spend some extra hundred, you can enjoy the good smell from your dishwasher.


Check and compare energy usage labels, of dishwashers you consider to buy, to conserve on energy and water. Though it costs you more upfront you can save on utility bills.

While buying dishwasher, don’t stress too much on budget. Otherwise, you will end up washing the vessels manually after your dishwasher finishes its job. So, invest in a perfect one that can do its job for years.