How to choose a stone for an engagement ring


The engangement ring should be a surprise. But the person in charge of giving it away cannot do it randomly, nor be carried away by opinions that have nothing to do with the nature of the bride.

 It is good to have professionals and close people, but there is much more to delve into because this piece must be unique since, in principle, it could accompany the aforementioned throughout life, in addition to representing a key moment in the love story.

  1. The budget is the main key

Before facing any wedding party, it is advisable to be realistic. It is necessary to make an estimate of how much the wedding can cost. Then come the most serious expenses, and you have to be consistent.

Ask about the average price of the engagement ring London and think about how much you can afford. Because stone is the element that best determines the price of a piece of this caliber, do not throw the house out the window by buying the ring with the most resistant and valuable stone on the market if you can pay for it upfront. You do not have to pretend or demonstrate anything to anyone, not to your partner or other people.

  1. Don’t forget your personality

Personality is one of the most important concepts in a wedding. They have always proclaimed the importance of having a unique style and showing it at such an extremely important time.

  1. Determine the resistance

Although the beauty of the stone is significant when choosing the winner, the resistance is no less. It could be even more important if you want it to remain intact for a lifetime or to have very little risk of it spoiling over the years. The scratches and dirt can tear it down forever, so you should not neglect this aspect whenever possible. To do this, it is necessary to know a little more about this very complex world of gemstones and minerals, starting with how to measure resistance and everything that the results can offer.

The resistance of a material with these characteristics is measured through the Mohs scale. Specifically, this scale shows the relative hardness of a stone or resistance to scratching of various minerals. It works from one to ten, taking as references talc, which is the weakest mineral, and diamond, which holds the prize for the strongest of all.

  1. Take into account the meaning

Although not all couples look for the meanings of the elements or the styles that they use in their wedding, for many couples, it is really important to place a symbolism and try to revolve the celebration around it. Whether by tradition, by superstitions, or as an anecdote, the precious stone of the ring, which will always adorn the bride’s finger, is closely linked to the meanings that it gives according to traditions or thoughts.

For its part, the ruby, red and powerful in terms of presence, is the stone of confidence and intelligence, and symbolizes descent, brings luck in love, drives away sadness, and represses lust; a gem, never better said.

Conclusion: No matter where you buy your engagement ring, when you design your engagement ring online, you can be sure that you are designing your ring. This accurately conveys your feelings about her and means she will love you forever.

Diamond engagement rings are an iconic symbol of love and commitment.

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