Lashify gives Eyelashes Extensions for the Beautiful You


Thick and long eyelashes have remained a symbol of beauty since time. It would remain to be a symbol of beauty for times to come. Who would not like to have beautiful eyes? Every woman could follow her dream to get those sparkling eyes as and when she wants. Lashify ensures that women do not have to wait for beautiful eyelashes.

What makes them a better option?

Eyelashes extensions are the best way to make your existing eyelashes longer and extended than before. They are available in both permanent and semi-permanent styles. You could also make the most of false eyelashes. Some one-time worn eyelashes extensions tend to wear out with makeup. These could be taken off when you remove your makeup. A better option to false extensions would be wearing eyelashes extensions.

Different ways to get semi-permanent eyelash extensions

You would come across two ways to get semi-permanent eyelash extensions done. To begin with, you would require home-based extension kits of various varieties and brands. You would be required to join the eyelashes extensions onto your natural eyelashes using glue or an adhesive. Your home-based kits would need you to be more accurate with your application. If you were neat and right in the application of these eyelashes extensions, you would get the desired results.

Moreover, the overall quality of the eyelashes extensions would matter in providing you the desired beautiful appearance. The quality of eyelashes extensions would also be important for your comfort. If you place the eyelashes extensions accurately, you would be able to manage them over your eyes perfectly.

Look for professional assistance

A good option in semi-permanent eyelashes would be hiring a professional or expert having experience in handling cosmetic makeup. A professional or expert would suggest to you the best types of eyelashes suitable to your specific style.

They would be precise with the thickness of the eyelashes extensions suitable to the face. The expert would also be precise with the degrees of curls and color of the eyelashes. You would also receive a relaxing environment similar to a spa where eyelashes extensions would be placed on your natural eyelashes.

Additional services offered by the expert

The expert would provide additional services of giving a touch-up to these eyelashes extensions every two to three weeks to retain the long-lasting effect. Everything comes with a price. If you were looking for comfort and accuracy from an expert, consider paying a decent amount for the services hired. It would be relatively expensive than your home-based kit option.

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